My instruments

I mainly make violins and violas, both classical and baroque, mostly working out my own designs, based on old masters. For the construction I apply tried and age-old techniques and I finish the instrument with a traditional oil-based varnish.

Beside the more classical instruments I also make Hardanger-violins (Norwegian Hardanger violins with sympathetic strings) and five-stringed violins (a violin + C-string or a viola + E-string), not shunning the experiment and leaving room for my own creativity. Apart from the more traditional scroll, I also cut ornamental small "heads" to my instruments, leave out the corners (guitar shape) or add an extra drawing to the purfling...

However, I naturally see to it that the required playing comfort should totally be respected. The string-length remains standard, as do the height of the bridge, the thickness of the neck, the length and the curving of the fingerboard etc..
I control the whole process of making, which results in a unique and qualitatively high-level instrument.

Each instrument is completely made by hand, by myself.